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Jessica Noll

Clinic For Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Jessica Noll, Heilpraktiker, Faborm

Do you have questions about the treatment of infertility or gynecological complaints with TCM?

I see my task as an expert in Integrative Fertility Therapy with TCM in recognising the limits of each therapy, supporting each other and thus combining the best of both medical systems.

In 2018, I was one of the first therapists in Europe to take the ABORM exam.


The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine is one of the world’s most renowned professional societies that combine reproductive medicine and TCM. Members are expected to meet the highest standards, both in terms of training and qualification.


Acupuncture, Chinese “herbs” (medicines) in individual formulations and other techniques such as vaginal steaming, GuaSha, cupping or Tuina massage form the basis of the treatments.


And lifestyle advice and diet improvement, tips on exercise and sports or other lifestyles should also help to prepare you becoming a lovely and happy Mum. 


I share my experience at international congresses, in numerous articles and at patient lectures in the practice.


Regular stays in China and the close contact to my father and teacher Andreas A. Noll have shaped my love for traditional Chinese medicine.

This specialization is almost unique for professionals in Europe.


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