Bei manchen ist es ein lange gehegter Lebenstraum. Andere wiederum beschreiben es als einen Moment in dem einem klar wird:

Wir wollen ein Kind.

Es scheint alles zu passen. Und dann versucht man es einfach. Und dann – ja dann passiert nichts. Es vergehen oft Monate, doch irgendwann merkt man:

Wir brauchen Hilfe.

Der Weg führt erst einmal zum behandelnden Frauenarzt und je nach Alter und der eigenen Vorgeschichte startet man mit ein paar Tests. Der Weg, der danach folgt ist sehr individuell. Abhängig, ob eine Ursache gefunden wird und welche es ist, stehen Paaren mit Kinderwunsch einige Optionen offen.  Neben dem was medizinisch möglich ist, unterstütze wir Sie in der TCM Praxis Jessica Noll Berlin  auf Ihrem Weg zur Familie. 

Begleitend oder vorbereitend auf eine  IVF/ICSI aber auch dann, wenn medizinisch eigentlich alles in Ordnung scheint, der Schwangerschaftstest aber trotzdem hartnäckig das positive Ergebnis verweigert.

Von der Zungendiagnose
bis zum Familienglück

From initial consultation to tailored treatment plans, we’re dedicated to providing compassionate care and effective solutions. TCM, with its roots stretching back thousands of years, offers a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the balance of Qi (energy), the harmony of Yin and Yang, and the importance of the natural world in healing. In contrast, Western medicine focuses on diagnosing and treating symptoms and diseases primarily through surgery and pharmaceuticals, underpinned by advancements in medical technology and research. The integration of these two distinct traditions in healthcare today encourages a more comprehensive approach to treatment, where the strengths of each are leveraged to offer patients personalized care.

Die chinesische Medizin beschäftigt sich seit Jahrtausenden mit den geheimnisvollen Vorgängen im Körper- und so auch mit Schwangerschaft und Geburt. Um ein neues Leben zu schaffen, benötigt es in erster Linie eine gute Qualität von Ei- und Samenzellen und durchgängige Eileiter. Für die Einnistung sind Faktoren wie ein guter Aufbau der Gebärmutterschleimhaut und ein reguliertes Immunsystem notwendig. Auch die hormonellen Steuerungen sollten reibungslos funktionieren.

Ist eine dieser Voraussetzungen nicht gegeben – oder mag sich trotz (vermeintlich) bester Voraussetzungen der Kinderwunsch nicht erfüllen, wird oft nach Hilfe durch die Schulmedizin gegriffen.

Tatsächlich können reproduktionsmedizinische Maßnahmen wie Insemination (IUI) oder die „künstliche“ Befruchtung außerhalb des Körpers (ICSI, IVF) in einigen Fällen den Wunsch nach Nachwuchs erfüllen. Doch leider sind auch hier Grenzen gesetzt – und nicht alle Vorgänge der Natur und des eigentlich doch so fein aufeinander abgestimmten Systems können mit Medikamenten „ersetzt“ werden. 

For younger patients with no recognisable medical cause, treatment with Chinese medicine is usually the first choice in fertility therapy.

TCM is also suitable for older patients who generally do not benefit from reproductive medical support (often referred to as "low responders") due to a low egg reserve (indicator: low AMH value). Even if the "test phase" has only lasted a few weeks, TCM can try to lay the best foundations. A gynaecologist should also be consulted for women over the age of 35 (note: age is not always the decisive factor, but we are guided by the current state of science), hormonal abnormalities, physical complaints or a "test phase" of more than 6 months. However, it is not possible to make general assumptions here; every person is unique and reacts differently. Depending on the couple's needs, we will advise them individually as to whether further examinations and measures may be necessary or whether TCM treatment should take centre stage.

The aim of integrative fertility treatment is to improve fertility, improve the results of reproductive medicine and ultimately the birth of a healthy child.

The pros
Improved fertility
Improved results in reproductive medicine

In integrative TCM treatment, the systems of Western and Chinese medicine are considered and applied together.

Couples are often already undergoing treatment at a fertility centre. The treatment is based on the Chinese diagnosis on the one hand and the further planned reproductive medical measures on the other.

The therapist must be familiar with the approach of both systems in order to understand the benefits and limitations of integrative treatment.

With the help of Chinese medicine, hormone treatments/ IUI/ IVF/ ICSI can be well prepared and also accompanied.

Mit Hilfe der chinesischen Medizin können Hormonbehandlungen/ IUI/ IVF/ ICSI gut vorbereitet und auch begleitet werden.
It is also possible to accompany the "artificial" fertilisation in the natural cycle.

Starting treatment 2-3 cycles before the start of assisted reproduction is desirable, but not always absolutely necessary. If the pregnancy is successful, treatment is usually continued regularly until the 13th week of pregnancy.

The pros

Holistic support
Support for transmission
Regular treatment in the first weeks of pregnancy

A child is the wonderful interplay of man and woman / yang and yin. If both partners are in a good balance, well nourished, not too exhausted, ill etc., then the best conditions for the desired baby are given. This is especially true if one partner is not completely balanced or healthy for whatever reason.

The pros
TCM treats the body as a whole and aims to balance overall health, including the reproductive health of sperm quality.
Strengthening kidney function is of central importance in TCM for promoting healthy sperm production and quality.
TCM-Kräuter und Akupunktur helfen, oxidativen Stress zu reduzieren und die Spermien vor Schäden zu schützen.
TCM treatments promote emotional balance, which indirectly improves fertility.

A regular cycle is the best prerequisite for the desire to have children - and a mirror for a woman's health.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, everything in life is subject to constant change. So it is with the seasons, the cycles of life and so it is with other natural phenomena: The moon, which is constantly changing its shape - with remarkable regularity. For a long time, the continuity of the moon was responsible for serving as a calendar for people.

Many events in nature are in harmony with the lunar cycle. Overall, the body's biological rhythm works best when it is in harmony with nature. This does not mean that the menstrual cycle always lasts exactly 28 days and that menstruation occurs with the new moon.

Rather, it means thinking in the right direction: if menstruation occurs every day
Whether three weeks or only every two months, we are not in balance.

And this is not only interesting if you want to have children: if our menstrual cycle stagnates again and again and causes pain or other complaints, the entire body (and soul) is out of balance.

Ignoring pain for years or regulating it with medication does not solve the original problem - there is a reason if something is not "flowing".

The pros
Small changes can have a big impact

The first records of Chinese medicine for the treatment of women's complaints can be traced back to around 500 BC to the physician Bian Que.
In integrative medicine, we combine this long tradition with the findings of modern gynaecology. According to TCM, menstrual pain of any kind is usually an energy blockage.
In contrast to Western medicine, however, TCM can recognise various causes of an illness.

For example, the clinical picture of endometriosis in TCM can be based on coldness in the uterus, blood stasis and/or weakness, among other things. Or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is controversially discussed and differently diagnosed in modern medicine. In TCM, the "name" of the disease is (almost) unimportant, the symptoms are decisive.

This also explains why pain during menstruation or menopausal symptoms are not considered "natural" in TCM - they are signals from the body that indicate an imbalance.

The aim is always to bring the menstrual cycle into balance.
The pros
Harmonised cycle
Less pain

Pain during menstruation is "normal" for many women. In Chinese medicine, however, painful menstruation is referred to as Tong Jing. This also refers to "stagnation pain". One principle of TCM is that everything is in balance. It is therefore by no means a natural pain that can be "endured", but a symptom of an imbalance, a "disturbance" in the system.

When the balance in the body is restored, the person is healthy. Or at least the pain during menstruation can be positively influenced and alleviated.

The Western term for pain during menstruation is dysmenorrhoea.

The pain is usually attributed to increased contractility of the uterus. Of course, western clinical pictures should first be ruled out as the cause of the pain.

These include, for example
- endometriosis
- fibroids, polyps
- Adenomyose
- PID (chronic inflammation in the pelvic area)
- Pregnancy/tubal pregnancy

A gynaecological examination for clarification should always be carried out before or at the same time as a consultation with a TCM doctor.

The pros
Less pain
Regular cycle

In TCM, the 10 months of pregnancy are assigned to the five phases of change.

According to a concept - based on one of the most important doctors of TCM gynaecology Sun Si Miao, ca. 556 AD - the entire pregnancy is accompanied by certain acupuncture points.

The idea behind this is that each meridian is responsible for a transformation phase and nourishes the embryo.

Gentle needling of the corresponding points strengthens and balances the pregnancy and prevents discomfort.

In addition, acupuncture can often improve complaints such as nausea or back pain.

Your best preparation for the birth:

Certain acupuncture points can have a positive influence on the forthcoming labour process. However, the same rule should apply here as during the entire pregnancy: as much as necessary, but as little as possible.

The best preparation is a healthy and harmonious pregnancy.

The pros
Balanced pregnancy
Reduced back pain
Relief from nausea